SAURUS 100The UPSs Three-Phase SAURUS 50-200kVA are the range of expandable online UPS three-phase of ALBAT, double conversion tower UPS in powers starting from 50kVA up to 200kVA. The UPS SAURUS series uses a centralized modular design, enabling future expansion of the UPS.

SAURUS UPSs are available in two sizes, from 50kVA to 120kVA and from 160kVA to 200kVA. Thanks to the inverter's 3 IGBT levels, the UPS guarantee efficiency up to 96% and a unitary output power factor. They are directly configurable from the display, wide flexibility in the number of batteries and high overload capacity. The innovative self-cleaning function reduces the risk of dust accumulation on the cards. The system includes the free contact card for alarms.

ALBAT'S UPS Series SAURUS 50-200 kVA represents a perfect solution for a wide range application in the:

  • Data Center,
  • Health Care,
  • Transport,
  • Industry,
  •  Server.

Main Features:

  • Three-phase UPS with 3-level IGBT rectification technology,
  • Double conversion online UPS with modular design,
  • High power density up to 200 kVA (powers settable on site),
  • Online UPS with 96% efficiency,
  • Available in two chassis, for powers from 50 expandable up to 120kVA and for powers from 150kVA expandable up to 200kVA,
  • Output power factor 1 saving on energy consumption,
  • Flexible battery configuration settable via display, from 30 up to 40 monoblocks,
  • Full digital interconnection and advanced DSP control technology,
  • Fully settable from the touch screen display on site and with intuitive interface,
  • Innovative self-cleaning function that periodically expels dust from the module, reducing breakdowns,
  • Easy-to-use security features and alarm alerts,
  • Built-in black box that periodically records the waveforms passing through the display,
  • Small footprint and eco-friendly design.