Modular UPS ATLUSModular UPS series ATLUS 3K-12K single phase designed for AC appliance. Power for backup covered from internal batteries, maintenance and charged with rectifier’s modules. Power source design ensures high reliability, operation safety, enable fast and easy service for various applications.


  • Switched-mode Inverter/Rectifier
  • Power range by module from 3kVA up to 12kVA
  • Input voltage from 150 up to 265 Vac
  • Suitable for voltage: 48 Vdc
  • 19’’ Rack design
  • Modular design
  • Digital controller
  • Internal battery


  • N+1 redundancy
  • Hot swap conception
  • Temperature controlled charging
  • Local and remote control
  • LVDB system protection battery
  • Over voltage protection for system and modules
  • Enable the additional power extension


  • High performance beside low volume and weight
  • Efficiency: EPO 96%; On line ›93,5%
  • Suitable for lead and NiCad batteries
  • All-inclusive system


  • Telecommunication,
  • Industrial and
  • Energetics market.