tps 1When multi-hour and fully reliable backup for performance and business critical applications is mandatory, the ALBAT Power Station is the turnkey solution for protecting your IT- and Server Applications, Telecommunication Systems, Industrial Applications, Process Automation, Drive and Control Technology and Security Systems.

- With its Powerstation, ALBAT delivers a high performance, smart and effective power solution, using state-of-the-art technology and components to protect your assets and to keep your business running.
- Power Station PS-06 and PS-10
- Output Power Factor 1.0
- For single phase loads up to 10000 watts
- Heavy-duty 19” cabinet (42U)
- True online technology according to IEC 62040-3
- Up to 4 built-in additional 4A chargers
- Manual bypass with front access
- Optional automated transfer switch for PS-06
- 20 x Front terminal batteries up to 92Ah C10
- Fully AC and DC prewired
- Breaker panel including AC and DC fuses
- Simultaneous monitoring via SNMP and dry contacts
- LCD for UPS confguration and monitoring
- Front- and rear door with keylock
- BACS management optional


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