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smg 1Batteries FIAMM SMG tubular GEL range is designed for applications where performance and operating conditions are critical. They are maintenance-free and combine the benefits of a gelled electrolyte which provides longer life and a wider temperature operating range.

The SMG range is made up of 2V cells and 12V blocks. The 2V cells conform to international OPzV standards DIN40742 norm. The range is constructed to provide a high level of robustness and is designed for applications where charge discharge cycles have to be guaranteed with reliability. The range is maintenance-free with a low self-discharge characteristic for periods when batteries may be stored or off float charge. The SMG 2V cell range can be installed horizontally in dedicate d racks saving valuable space. The range is fully eco-friendly with all components being fully recyclable.

- Telecom,
- UPS,
- Utilities and Industry,
- Railways,
- Oil & Gas.

- Capacity 2V cells from 220 to 3640 Ah C10
- Capacity 12V blocks 100 and 130 Ah C10
- Nominal voltage 2V cells and 12V blocks
- 15 years design life, for 2V cells, in float operation in temperature controlled environments
- 18 years design life, for 12V blocks, in float operation in temperature controlled environments