intilion scalecube 1

Intilion’s scalecube offers an innovative, high-performance battery storage system able to buffer large amounts of energy as well as operating on high power levels.

Each scalecube is customised for the individual requirements.

Especially for the compensation of large load peaks, frequency control and an improved grid, optimization of self-consumption and off-grid applications, the scalecube is highly cost-effective. Depending on your requirement, our competent engineering team will design and implement the entire project: we will provide a turnkey solution, including all regulatory approvals and documentation. Even during operation, our staff and service technicians ensure high availability and quick reaction times.

intilion scalecube 2MAIN PERFOMANCE:

  • Standardised and scalable battery storage system
  • Plug & Play, All-in-One, AC-coupled solution
  • 68,5 kWh nominal energy content
  • One or two 30 kVA three-phase 4Q inverters of the latest generation
  • Intelligent energy management system with cloud connection
  • Air conditioned outdoor cabinet for rough environment


  • Behind-The-Meter application:
    • Peak Shaving
    • Load management
    • Self consumption
    • Precharging storage for the electro-mobility infrastructure
  • Off-Grid application
    • Black start and island mode