rail I power FNC V X 1No other NiCd technology is better suited for the creation of special formats than the fibre structure technology. The incredible level of flexibility offered by this technology enables us to meet many of our customers’ requirements.

FNC batteries stand out thanks to the following features:

  • High cycle stability
  • No electrolyte change required
  • Reduced water consumption
  • Lower follow-up costs thanks to the increased maintenance intervals
  • Special formats can be created


  • Advanced battery technology for high demands
  • Long service life and cycle life even under extreme temperature conditions
  • Large product range in the area of high energy density or high power density for optimum adaptation of the battery to the customer's requirements
  • Resists highest shock and vibration loads
  • Universally applicable in the railway sector as starter, traction or on-board battery
  • Available with or without water filling system


  • Nominal Voltage: 2 Vdc
  • Nominal capacity: FNC V X 2 – 25 Ah up to 115 Ah
  • Nominal capacity: FNC V X 3 – 130 Ah up to 200 Ah


  • Locomotives
  • Local public transport
  • Regional trains
  • High speed trains


  • DIN-EN-IEC-62485-3
  • DIN-EN-IEC-60623
  • DIN-EN-45545
  • DIN-EN-50547
  • DIN-EN-50272-2-2001-12