High Cycling carbon BatteriesHIGH CYCLING CARBON BATTERIES cells were constructed with negative plates containing a series of different carbon additives. The cycle life for the carbon modified cells was significantly larger than an unmodified control, with cells containing a mixture of graphitic carbon and carbon black yielding the greatest improvement. The mentioned additives, which help to recharge the batteries more quickly and make them generally more efficient.


  • Nominal voltage: 12 Vdc
  • Terminal: Front Terminal
  • Capacity from 100 Ah up to 170 Ah
  • Technology: VRLA AGM


  • Remote locations without mains electricity OFF GRID
  • Areas with frequent power outages UNSTABLE GRID
  • Operation in Partial State Of Charge (PSOC)
  • Wind and photovoltaic storage systems
  • Cyclic/Hybrid applications
  • Manufactured in highest grade ABS-FR UL94 V-0 containers
  • Telecom