High Temperature BatteriesDesigned for harsh environment and implementation with new energy sources and models of operation, suitable for operation in higher ambient temperature. Safe and reliable source of power for telecom and industrial application in extraordinary conditions. These batteries are mainly used in remote locations without mains electricity, areas with frequent power outages, wind and photovoltaic storage systems, cyclic and hybrid applications.


  • Positive and negative grid electrodes
  • Electrolyte is absorbed in active mass pores and in micro porosity separator
  • Separators are from soft glass fibre
  • Each cell has one-way safety pressure valve
  • Safety fireproof equipment


  • Excellent performance in low and high temperatures: range from ‐20°C to 65°C
  • Special alloys and active materials resistant to corrosion
  • Manufactured in highest grade ABS-FR UL94 V-0 containers
  • Nominal voltage: 12 Vdc
  • Terminal: Front Terminal
  • Capacity from 103 Ah up to 190 Ah
  • Technology: VRLA AGM
  • Life time: 10+ years


  • Wind and photovoltaic storage systems
  • Areas with frequent power outages UNSTABLE GRID
  • Telecom