mc 1Modular Converters DC/DC offers simply created compact system for true backup power supplying DC for master battery and appliances. Modular solution of this equipment with DC/DC converter offers very flexible power supply just for you needs. DC Converters are used to create another voltage level from battery with higher voltage, so there is no more needs to use other battery with lower voltage.

 ALBAT DC/DC Converter with its Modular design represents a perfect solution for a wide range application in the industrial and energetics market.


  • Switched-mode rectifier
  • Power range from 250 W to 4400 W, per module
  • Input DC voltage 110 V and 220 Vdc
  • Output DC voltage 12 V, 24V, 48V, 110V
  • 19’’ Module
  • Modular design
  • Digital controller
  • External battery


  • N+1 redundancy
  • Hot swap conception
  • Energy save via sleep mode
  • Local and remote control
  • Over voltage protection for system and modules


  • High performance beside low volume and weight
  • High efficiency, power factor 0,99
  • Suitable for lead and NiCad batteries
  • All-inclusive system

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