Natural gas and biogas-based cogeneration-trigeneration solutions, which are preffered mainly by the industrial plants, can meet electricity, heating and cooling needs of the facilities at the same time with high energy efficiency and deliver significant cost advantages to the companies.



In Cogeneration, the basic principle is to benefit accumulated heat in the system to provide saving by considering the electricity needs of the facilities. In cogeneration systems, at the result of energy local production energy productivity is increased by providing electricity and temperature needs. And consequently, emission levels are gotton under control and carbon footprint is decreased.
Moreover, decreasing energy costs increase the profitability of the plant and nowadays, an advantage in competitive conditions that become more difficult is provided. According to electrical and thermal load trends, in applications the co-operation of multiple sets can be provided and cogeneration systems work under maximum load, energy production in the highest efficiency and lowest cost can be established.

Advantages of Cogeneration Systems:
- Durable to work for many years, design that make it’s dynamic and static analysis and calculations
- High efficiency due to it’s equipment designed especially for cogeneration system
- Convenience in layout and maintenance course due to it’s compact design,
- Investment return in short time thanks to feasibility calculations accurate analysis and suitable system design,
- Ease of augmentation of system capacity upon demand and simultaneous operation with diesel generators
- Low maintenance costs,
- In cogeneration systems, heat can be offered to the client in various ways. Along with standard hot air outlet, project based superheated steam and hot oil, cold water can be distributed too, in such projects which need cooling, via absorption chillers. Along with these, in greenhouses and projects that are demanding CO2 usage, exhaust emissions are also utilisable.



Trigeneration is the process of procuring cooling in addition to the electrical and heat outlets of cogeneration systems. In trigeneration systems, hot water or exhaust, exhaust, that are gathered from the engine, are being used to obtain cold water via absorption chillers. The trigeneration system is recommended in such implementations when the heat demand is used seasonally or in such implementations where cooling demand is higher than that of heating demand.
Sole or double effect absorption can be recommended depending on the cooling demand. In system absorption chillers provide cycle efficiency between 0,7 - 1,4 COP, depending on it’s working principles. In Trigeneration Systems, in addition to the cogeneration packs; absorption chiller, cooling tower and cooling pumps are also presented to the client.