The uninterruptible power supplies Line interactive ATYLINE 600-2000VA was developed by ALBAT specifically to provide a product with an excellent quality / price ratio for a market segment mainly aimed at private users and small businesses and companies.

ATYLINE UPSs are very easy to use products, exceptionally robust and absolutely competitive. ALBAT's Line Interactive ATYLINE UPSs adopt digital online technology, with the load normally powered by a network that is controlled, filtered and stabilized by an internal stabilizer.

ALBAT'S UPS Series ATYLINE 600 VA to 2000 VA represents a perfect solution for a wide range application in the:

  • Homeoffice,
  • Shop,
  • Gas Station.

Main Features:

  • UPS Line interactive (adopting the VI - Voltage Independent scheme according to the CEI EN 62040-3 Standard),
  • Wide range of powers from 600VA to 2000VA,
  • Response time <6 msec,
  • Wide input voltage tolerance,
  • Manual start by batteries,
  • Digital control of the batteries,
  • Smd boards technology,
  • Lightning and hf interference,
  • Short-circuit protection,
  • Protected electronics,
  • Acoustic alarm,
  • Compact design, totally silent, easy to use, no heat emission and exceptionally robust.

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