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We offer specially developed, high-quality, efficient off-grid modules, which are also ideal for 12V. Modules are suitable for all kind of power generation. The compact and sturdy stand-alone PV module is the practical solution and ideal for applications with no connection to the power grid

- leisure sector or for professional applications such as holiday, garden or residential homes,
- mobile systems in caravans or boats,
- solar pumps for drinking water supply and irrigation,
- in traffic systems such as parking ticket machines,
- traffic control systems or even street lamps,
- measurement systems or telecommunication systems.

- 10-year product guarantee,
- 12-year guarantee for 90% rated power
- 25-year guarantee for 80% rated power
- Monocrystalline module family

- Rated power: 160 Wp
- Rated voltage: 19,14 V
- Rated current: 8,36 A
- Open-circuit voltage: 23,08 V
- Power tolerance: 0 / +5 %

- Dimension: 1482x676x35 mm
- Weight: 11,5 kg
- Socket: IP 65