Modular Battery Charger AC/DC

Modular Battery Charger AC/DC for telecom applications 12V, 24V and 48Vdc, and for industrial and utility apllications with output voltage 110V, 125V and 220Vdc.

Thyristor Rectifier AC/DC

Thyristor Rectifier AC/DC is especially qualified for use as battery backed up power supplies and feature very high reliability and a comprehensive monitoring concept.

Modular DC UPS

Modular DC Backup AC/DC designed for DC appliance. Power for backup covered from internal batteries, maintenance and charged with rectifier’s modules.

Modular Inverter DC/AC

Our Modular inverter DC/AC are able to offer a hot swappable modular concept with full & true redundancy, can cover your AC backup up to 225kVA.

Modular Multidirectional Converters – Modular AC&DC UPS

Modular Multidirectional Converter is a fully bidirectional power converter. Each module is equipped with three ports – two AC and one DC – all capable of functioning both as input or output. This allows securing the AC & DC loads and charging the batteries simultaneously.

Modular Integration Systems AC UPS

Modular Integration Systems DC/AC/DC gives different backup power for AC and DC power consumption, with required energy level also. The power from inside battery changed by modular inverter to AC power (single or three phase) and by DC/DC converter changed to required range of DC voltage, during black out from distribution mains.

DC Distribution Boards

Design and production DC Distribution Boards on specialized request of customers.

AC Distribution Boards

Design and production AC Distribution Boards on specialized request of customers.

LV Switchgears

Design and production LV Switchgears on specialized request of customers.

Diesel generator set

Our diesel product range, available from 0,5 to 3550 kVA, includes open and canopied generator sets, guaranteeing maximum efficiency and productivity.

Modular UPS SAURUS MOD up to 2.4MW

Their modularity allows future expansion in power up to 2.4MW. Available in three sizes, up to 125kVA, 300kVA and 600kVA and with an efficiency of up to 96% and maximum safety.

UPS Series SAURUS up to 200kW

SAURUS 10kVA and 20kVA can be configured in input \ output: 1 \ 1 or 3 \ 1 or 3 \ 3 mode directly from the display, while the 30kVA and 40kVA models can be configured 3 \ 1 or 3 \ 3.

Lead Acid Batteries

We can delivery different types of Lead Acid Batteries, in AGM, GEL or Flooded technology, from renowned producers.

Nicad Batteries

We can delivery different types of NiCad Batteries, from renowned producers.

LIFEPO4 Batteries

We can offer LIFEPO4 batteries, for different application, as commercial, industrial or Energy Storage Systems (ESS).