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Solar inverter AS 4048 MPPT IRCG is a versatile high frequency Pure Sine Wave inverter-charger designed for both off-grid or with grid (as backup) application, with the built-in MPPT solar charger. This series features a light weight and compact design, contains a 80A max MPPT solar charger, as well a battery charger ranging 60A. AS 4048 MPPT IRCG features a wide input range support from 90~280VAC (Appliance Mode) and 170~280V (UPS Mode). This is especially important and useful for areas with unstable grid power supply. The 48V model feature a dual source charging capability (AC + Solar). This controller offers AC or DC (solar) priority modes, and the controls can be easily modified from LCD menu that offers comprehensive system information. It also comes with a USB port that can be connected to a PC for system monitoring. When selected to operate in DC (solar) priority mode, inverter will increase charging current from Solar source whenever possible, while reducing current from utility sources.

"Stackable" or "parallel-ready" version is available on 48V model only and allows users to expand output of an inverter system by integrating the output circuits of all paralleled units.

- Off grid systems
- On grid – backup system

- Multi-functional Controller, Inverter, Rectifier, Genset starter
- High frequency pure sine wave design
- Programmable menus
- Wide AC input range
- LCD display + LED indicators
- Support main battery types (lead acid, LiFePO4)
- Free monitoring software
- USB communication interface

- Output power: 2400 W
- Output voltage: 230 Vac
- Output frequency: 50 Hz
- Nominal DC voltage: 12 Vdc
- Solar charger: MPPT, 48 V, 80 A
- Battery charger: 48 V, 60 A

- Operating temperature: 0 °C to +55 °C
- Operating humidity: 5 to 90 % RH – non-condensing
- Dimension: 479x295x140 mm
- Weight: 11,8 kg


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