aaf 1

AA F series battery is a general-purpose battery with 12+ years design life in float service. With advanced AGM valve regulated technology and high purity raw material, the AA F series battery maintains high consistency for better performance and reliable standby service life.


  • Positive and negative grid electrodes
  • Electrolyte is absorbed in active mass pores and in micro porosity separator
  • Separators are from soft glass fibre
  • Each cell has one-way safety pressure valve
  • Safety fireproof equipment


  • Nominal voltage: 12 Vdc
  • Nominal capacity: from 60 Ah up to 190 Ah
  • Technology: VRLA AGM
  • Contact: Front Terminal
  • Life time: 12+ years


  • Telecom
  • Utility / Substations
  • UPS
  • Emergency light
  • Security system