grid l power V XOur HOPPECKE grid | power V X is a vented, stationary lead-acid battery with liquid electrolyte. High alloy purity of the positive electrode simultaneously minimises corrosion and water consumption. The proven design of the large surface electrode provides reliable high current capacity – ideal for use in power plants and switching systems.

Product design to DIN 40738 ensures highest level of compatibility when replacing existing equipment and for integration with the extension of existing battery systems. Combination with the HOPPECKE grid | aquagen recombination system lengthens the interval between water refills to the point where no maintenance is required.


  • Low investment costs
  • Maximum service life due to pure lead electrodes and minimum electrolyte density
  • Maximum compatibility - design according to DIN 40738
  • Increased short-circuit protection already during installation through the use of HOPPECKE system connectors
  • In combination with grid | aquagen recombination system, extremely extended water refill intervals up to maintenance-free operation
  • The use of the grid | aquagen recombination system prevents the escape of gas and aerosols.


  • Nominal voltage: 2 Vdc
  • Nominal capacity: 78 Ah to 2860 Ah
  • Technology: FLOODED
  • Contact: Top Terminal
  • Life time: 25 years


  • Switchgear,
  • Telecommunication,
  • Power Supply Systems,
  • Safety lighting,
  • Traffic systems.